Reporter Fails to Note Supposed Payday Success Story Works for a Payday Lender


Las Vegas Journal Uses Small Businessman Robert Sherrill as a Payday Loan Success Story…

Las Vegas Review Journal Article Quoted Robert Sherrill As A Payday Loan Success Story. “Other clients include those like Robert Sherrill, 33, who started a commercial cleaning business called Imperial Cleaning Systems Inc. in his hometown of Nashville, Tenn. Sherrill grew up in public housing and spent five years in federal prison for selling drugs. “No one wants to give you a job when you’re a felon,” he said. “Not a lot of people would give people like me a chance at the American Dream because they think we’re of no use to society, but Advance Financial gave me that chance to start my business. Now I’m doing half a million dollars a year.” Sherrill now employees 20 people — most of them ex-offenders. “Speaking from experience, I’d say crime will go up if payday loan stores are banned because if you’re not giving me any options, then I’m going to do what comes natural and that is to survive,” Sherrill said. “If I have to rob or steal, then I will because I need to make sure my kids are fed and the bills are paid.” [Las Vegas Review Journal: “Some Say Payday Loans Occupy Needed Niche; Proposed Reform Could Have Fallout,” 8/18/16]

…Without Noting That a Payday Lender Accounted for 80% of His Business in 2015

A Payday Lender Is Robert Sherrill’s Largest Client, Accounting For 80% Of His Business In 2015. [Allied Progress: “Small Businessman Claims To Be Satisfied Payday Customer, Fails To Note 80% Of His Revenue Comes From Payday Lender,” 7/8/16]


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